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Changing Deligts

At a time where old furniture classics experience renaissance and society is increasingly moving away from “ buy-and-throw-away” mentality, upholstery has become an even more demanded craft.

Many of my make over projects include reupholstery of the couch, armchairs, stool, cushions etc. you preserve the sentimental value of your old furniture which is not necessarily the case with newer furniture. Your personal style will be more clear when you choose between different textiles, leather and horsehair as well colors for your furniture.

At the workshop my colleague Fatmir offers upholstering of a very high quality. Fatmir is a craftsman capable of working with textiles to an extremely high level – and the furniture looks completely original. I have the overview of the textiles, qualities, colours and patterns.


Wall decoration with textiles, silk- and paper quality is carried out professionally and with respect for old traditions.

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