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Dressing up for sale

At a time where the market for property has stagnated and long periods with no interest it can be difficult to sell your property at the set price that you have hoped for. Why would a potential buyer fall in love with your property – there are so many on the market, and therefore intense competition.

I specialize in “dressing up for sale” – whether you are a private client, estate agent or administrating an estate of a deceased.

Sometimes it is only a few things that need doing – other times more comprehensive changes are required. The property owner sometimes love the changes so much that the desire of selling their house is no longer apparent. It is of course, not my intension, but strange when it actually happens.

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You are always welcome to give me a call or drop in to the workshop. Please bring photos of your property, this initiates the dialogue and the next step will be visiting your property.

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