Om Trine Trine Boelskifte Visitkort

My business

I have originally trained as a decorator and I have the last 25 years worked as a decorator and interior designer for various businesses ,- Nordic Films, Ikea, Lysberg, Hansen & Therp, Jytte Demuth Interior Design and The Interior Group.

My network encouraged me over time to be self-employed and in 2011 I decided to start my own company.

Today I do business in Copenhagen at the address Frederiksborgvej 218, with my dear colleague Fatmir, who specializes in upholstery and wall decoration/papering. Beyond my cooperation with Fatmir I also have a reliable group of builders and suppliers, whom i work with on my projects. These include a tremendous sewing workshop, which will see solutions even though it may seem limited. A curtain and carpet fitter, joiner, painter, smith and furniture designer etc.

My work is also my hobby and I often travel abroad for inspired – partly on recognized international Fairs but also by visiting trendsetting Interior design houses.

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